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Our services :
- Cataracta Surgery
- Ultrasound Scan (A-scan, B-scan)
- Intraocular Presure Test
- Visual Acuity Test
- Visual Field Test

From its 2003 starting days our company strived to apply in the field of cataracta surgery the most precise and less invasive procedure, the phacoemulsification.In order to achive that we aquisitioned from the American leader in ophtalmic surgery kit Alcon the ultrasound-computerguided aparatus,wich enables us to perform the extraction of the cataracta trough an incision no greater than 3 mm.A key step of the precedure is also the implant of the artificial lens.The Alcon lenses that we use are foldable,thus the folded lens occupying less space can be implanted trough the same tiny incision wich given its size it is self healing and needs no stiching.Following the 30 minute procedure our patients can leave our hospital in litle as 2 hours and enjoy the next day the benefits of clear sight.